Software equipment Software equipment
CAD, CAM software – Siemens NX
Modules for construction and working:
NX CAM 5 Axis Machining
NX CAD/CAM Turning Foundation
NX CATIA V5 Interface
3D Optical scanning and digitization
GOM – ATOS Compact Scan 5M
Technical parameters
Dimensional options (measuring volume): 70, 150, 300, 600, 1200, i.e. measuring items from several mm up to cca. 2500 mm
SW equipment: ATOS Professional, GOM Inspect, Siemens NX
Export of 3D data: ASCII, POL, STL
5-axis vertical machining center – Hermle C 400U
Technical parameters
Management system:
Heidenhain iTNC 530
axis X: 850 mm
axis Y: 700 mm
axis Z: 500 mm
turntable: 360°
tilting of table: +91°/-139°
Working space:
table diameter: 650 mm
collision diameter: max. 1020 mm
table load: max. 600 kg
3-axis vertical machining center – Tajmac MCFV 1260
Technical parameters
Management system:
Heidenhain iTNC 530
axis X (table): 1 270 mm
axis Y (cross suport): 610 mm
axis Z (headstock): 760 mm
Working space:
table dimension: 1 450 x 590 mm
table load: max. 1 350 kg
CNC turning center with counter-spindle
and axis Y – Hyundai WIA L 200 SY

Technical parameters
Management system:
Fanuc 31i
Range X-axis: 220 mm
Range Z- axis: 550 mm
Range ZB- axis: 720 mm
Range Y- axis: ±40 mm
Working space:
Chuck diameter – main spindle: 210 mm
Chuck diameter – counter-spindle: 135 mm
Circular diameter: 550 mm
Turning diameter: max. 240 mm
Working length : max. 530 mm
Diameter of machined rod (main / counter-spindle): max. 65 / 33 mm
Universal center grinding machine – TOS BHU 32 / 1500
Technical parameters:
Circular diameter: max. 315 mm
Distance of spikes: max. 1500 mm
Grinding wheel: ø500 mm
Wheel width: max. 200 mm
Workpiece weight: max. 250 kg
Universal center grinding machine TOS BUA 20 / 450
Technical parameters:
Circular diameter: max. 200 mm
Distance of spikes: max. 450 mm
Grinding wheel: ø350 mm
Wheel width: max. 127 mm
Workpiece weight: max. 50 kg
Gravity Band Saw – Pegas Gonda 230×280 GH-LR
Technical parameters
Divisible diameter: min. 2mm
Material cutting: perpendicular cuts, angled cuts infinitely adjustable from 0° to +60° and from 0° to -45°
CNC Band saw – Pegas Gonda 400×400 Herkules X-CNC
Technical parameters:
Management system:
Siemens X-CNC
Automatic cutting system dependent on cutting resistance
of material.
Automatic feed rate adjustment
based on the use of specified data
Material cutting: perpendicular cuts
Cutting parameters
Wire-cut electric discharge machine – FANUC ROBOCUT α-C600iB
Mechanical specifications:
Control system:
Fanuc 31i – WB
Programming system:
Axis X and Y: 600 x 400 mm
Axis Z: 310 mm
Axis U and V: ±100 x ±100
Taper angle: max. ±12°/300 mm; ±45°/70 mm
Step increment of the drives: min. 0,0001 mm
Workpiece dimensions: max. 1050 x 820 x 310 mm
Workpiece weight: max. 1 000 kg
Wire diameter: ø 0,1 – ø 0,3 mm
Electric discharge drill – SY 2030A (with W axis)
Mechanical specifications
Electrode diameter: 0,2 – 3 mm
axis X: 300 mm
axis Y: 200 mm
axis Z: 345 mm
head: 200 mm
measuring accuracy: 0,005 mm
Workpiece dimensions: 210 x 460 mm
Workpiece weight: max. 200 kg
Engraving system
Microutrous labeling system – Telesis Pinstamp TMP 1700/470
Technical parameters
Labeling technology: micro-impact
Hardness of the labeled material: max. 64 HRC
Labeling format: numerical, alphanumerical code, 2D code DATAMATRIX, company logos
Areas for labeling: straight, cylindrical, curved
Label shape: straight, arched, single line, multiline
Font size: cca 1-8 mm
Label durability: permanent, indelible
Longitudinal dividing line for steel sheets – Stakon
Technical parameters
Coil width: max. 1300 mm
Sheet thickness: max. 2 mm
Coil weigth: max. 15 t
Inner diameter of the coil: 508, 610 mm
Outer diameter of the coil: max. 2000 mm
Coil width: min. 30 mm
Coil weigth: max. 5 t
Inner diameter of the coil: 508 mm
Sheet scissors
Technical parameters:
Cut length: max. 3100 mm
Sheet thickness: max: 4 mm
Cut shapes: perpendicular, trapezoidal
Material handling
Crane: Demag 2 x 10 t
Forklift: Linde H45 – load capacity 4,5 t
Pallet trucks – load capacity 3 t